PWB International runs 3 tours each year between January and April to India, Kenya and Nicaragua. We send 5 to 8 volunteers to work with our partner organisations to deliver 3-4 week structured courses interspersed with various other shorter outreach programmes in the local area. The visit culminates with a show put on by the children to the local community which helps integrate them and reduce the stigma of being a street child or orphan. 

We have worked with orphanages and schools for OVCs in India for 11+ years, Nicaragua for 5+ years and Kenya for 4+ years. The tours take the form of teaching circus skills and how-to-teach, in order to build a lasting and permanent legacy. We have previously visited Sierra Leone and some of our partner organisations have formed their own troupe of circus performers and have regular weekly skill shares and perform at local events. Please see below for details of how to apply to go on tour with us and details of previous tours. Please get in touch with any other inquiries.

Due to the current Covid Crisis PWB has decided that our 2021 + 2022 International Tours are not taking place. We aim to reopen applications for our 2023 Tours in spring 2022.

Please go to the How to Apply page if interested for 2023 Tours.

Application open 1st May to 31st July for Tours starting the following January.



We are always looking for new volunteers for our tours. If you think that you have what it takes, and want to find out more please have a look at our volunteering page for more information.

Our volunteers raise their own funds to pay for in country travel, basic food and accommodation which ranges from £800 to £1000 depending on the length of the tour and the cost of living in the country. In addition to that volunteers are expected to pay their own international travel and pay for their own insurance, visas and vaccines as necessary.

PWB does however pay for our Tour Coordinators logistics expenses centrally and this is the main outgoing for this part of our operations. Tour Coordinators are experienced volunteers who have heroically taken on the challenge of guiding a new set of volunteers through a long and tiring, but immensely satisfying,  tour and we try and make their brave decision to go back for more a bit easier, by at least making sure the tour doesn’t cost them too much.

We also need to send our volunteers out with the right equipment for the job and some of our donations goes towards supplementing or fixing the generous amounts of donated circus equipment we are given.

So even if you can’t commit to going on tour you can instead support one of our Tour Coordinators, or help us get the right equipment for the tour, by giving us a one off donation, sending us some of your circus equipment, or by joining the FAB500.

If you can’t commit to the time or fundraising effort required for an international tour then maybe you can do something locally instead, like a fundraiser or volunteer for one of our UK projects.

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