PWB currently has 6 dedicated Trustees, each of who we feel bring a different set of valuable skills and experiences to guide PWB along its course. Please see below for more details of our current Trustees and their backgrounds.

However PWB is always looking for high quality Trustees who can bring in a different set of skills that PWB needs. Currently we are advertising for the following Trustee positions, which we have identified as those that PWB is on need of. Please get in contact if you are interested in applying.

However if you feel like you may have something to add they we are not aware of then please also feel free to get in contact.

TREASURER TRUSTEE – our current treasurer would like to step down and so we are looking for a replacement. Experience with running CIO accounts, or in accountancy generally would be preferable.

WELL CONNECTED FUNDRAISER – PWB is always in need of increasing its funding base and we are particularly interested in well connected individuals who can put us in touch with large donors. Especially those that have some understanding of the value of social circus.

Please see our Blackburn Project Report page for our latest research and evaluation projects.

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