INDIA 2019


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The India 2019 Tour lasted about 4 months and delivered 52 teaching sessions, involving 96 PWB volunteer hours, reaching 3510 children (60% female, 80 special needs).

They did 14 shows to about 1765 in the audience.


We visited all our regular partners and the itinerary for the India Tour 2019 was:

11-27 Jan Bootcamp
29 Jan-10 Feb Ahmedbad
13 Feb-17 March Varanasi
18 March-30 March break
31 March – 30 April. Darjeeling
Official tour finished

Extra optional project: 10 may -7 June Jaipur

You can meet the team below and see photos of the tour and read the blogs to see what it was like for the team.

PWBIndia Tour Team 2019

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