INDIA 2018


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PWB returns to India for our amazing 11th year working with our regular partners.

Please see below for the blogs, photos and films from the tour telling the personal stories of the volunteers and their experiences.

The INDIA 2018 Team was led by Livi Little and they look like this:

Livi Little, 30, UK    –     Livi is a professional circus artist and therapist returning for her 4th tour with PWB, previously touring to India and Sierra Leone. She specialises in hoop and has performed at many Hoop events across UK and wider afield with her unique style and skills. Livi is also a qualified acupuncturist and therapist with a degree in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Poppy Avison-Fell, 22, UK     –     Poppy has always dreamt of going to India and has just finished a degree in drama, specialising in community theatre and workshop facilitation.  She is a circus performer with skills in workshop facilitation and creating immersive performance pieces.  She says: Play is a basic human right that is taken for granted. Your company brings light and joy into what is becoming a darkened planet. Thank you Poppy!

Kiera Blaney, 25, AUS    –     Kiera has previously lived in India for 2 years in a rural community.  She has travelled extensively over the last 7 years and has a wide variety of circus skills – Hula hoop being her main discipline.  She has worked with various volunteer projects across the world and believes that her purpose is to share my skills and joy with underprivileged communities across the world – touring with PWB definitely gives you that opportunity.

Jules Cooke, 21, UK   –    Jules hails from London, UK and is part of the supportive community of circus and flow artists in our capital city.  She won Silver Award at British Young Juggler of the Year with her main discipline, contact staff and is also trained in dance and theatre.  She believes that circus can break the language barrier and express the indescribable.

Daniel McGuire, 26, USA    –    Daniel is taking time out from being Denver’s favourite children’s entertainer to join the PWB team this year.  A professional entertainer his whole adult life, Daniel brings joy with his clowning, balloon modelling and circus skills.  Clients say of him ‘He is very talented and patient…. a great performer’ We are proud to have you on board Daniel!

Sophie Zuniga, 19, USA    –     Sophie aka Geez Louise, works with Cirque Mythos and is part of  fire troupe MDSO Flow arts and Circus have brought her great happiness in her life, something she hopes to share with others.  She loves children and has travelled for much of her life.  She specialises in fire arts such as staff and hoop and also is a musician and is developing her clowning skills. Welcome to the family Sophie!

Mason Martinez, 24, USA     –     Mason says ‘To me life is a play, so what else to do but play the play?!’ Mason hails from Portland, Oregon and practises yoga, is a qualified yoga teacher as well as being proficient in various circus arts including poi and juggling.  His heart is in circus and he hopes he can help others to find the joy that he has found with these arts.

Xander Paris, 26, USA     –     Zander is an easily excitable flow artist with a martial arts background.  He has a wide variety of skills from dance to rope dart and has taught for more than 10 years.  Xander says ‘I love performing. I love teaching. But mostly I love spreading joy to others.’ That’s what PWB is all about Xander, welcome to the family!

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