PWB-UK (or PUK) aims to teach performing arts and circus skills to financially, physically or mentally disabled young people (ages 5 to 27) across the UK. This includes blind, physically challenged, deaf or those within the Autism or Aspergers spectrum or other mental challenges, refugees and asylum seekers and those growing up in rural or urban deprived areas.

PUK was launched in 2018 and was aimed at building on our success teaching performing arts and circus skills abroad, mainly working with orphans and vulnerable children via partner organisations in India, Kenya and Nicaragua. We have run several successful workshops and projects with various partners in the UK (see below) and are always looking to expand on this by finding new partners, funding bodies, sponsors and collaborators. Please see our research page on the benefits of learning circus skills.

Over the summer of 2018 PUK successfully worked with Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) in London, St Vincent’s School for the Visually Impaired in Liverpool and the Manchester Deaf Centre, to deliver half day circus workshops to groups of between 5 and 15 children with various levels of hearing and visual impairments. The workshops went very well and we have been asked back to do more and are now currently looking for funding to deliver a more structured and certified set of workshops with these partners and any others, for example the Henshaws Trust in Liverpool.

We have regional managers in the South, North-West, North-East of England and Scotland – please see OUR TEAM page for more details.

Currently we are looking for partnerships on the following three main areas:

  1. Funding to run a series of circus skills workshops across the UK. This could be a trust fund, corporate sponsorship or individual large donations.
  2. Partners who want us to come and deliver workshops to the disadvantaged kids that they already interact with.
  3. Collaborators or funders to support us conducting research into the benefits of teaching circus skills to disadvantages young people.

Of course we are always needing individual small donors to support our work in the UK. You’d be surprised how much difference a donation of £2 or more a month makes to our ability to conduct our outreach programs.


We rely on donations from people like you.

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