At PWB we are constantly evaluating our work so that we can improve the quality and effectiveness of our outreach programmes. For anyone that has seen or volunteered on a PWB project the benefits are obvious, but there are also more scientific ways of measuring this qualitative judgment.

To date we have conducted two official Tour Evaluations and one Alumni Survey. These are listed below.

The general conclusion is that the young people we interact with benefit enormously from out outreach programmes and we consistently achieve our stated aims of: contributing to creating a more positive outlook and improving quality of life.

Volunteering on a PWB tour can also be a significantly positive experience for our volunteers and life changing in a good way. See below for more.

India Tour 2009/2019 – Evaluation – Author Matt Morris Aug 2010

Nicaragua Tour 2013 – Evaluation – Author Matt Morris Sept 2013

Alumni Survey 2018 – Evaluation – Author Matt Morris Aug 2018

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