“Social circus is a social intervention that utilizes circus training to help at-risk children positively handle their situations.” Circus Mojo Evaluation report (linked below)


At PWB we aim to provide outreach programmes that use social circus to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people. Our aims in terms of research are three fold.

  1. To keep abreast and act as a resource of current research on the benefits of social circus. (see links below)
  2. By conducting our own monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) programme to contribute to this body of research. We currently have 3 evaluation reports available on our Evaluation page. And have listed a sample of current research that we are aware of below.
  3. To gain funding to conduct our own direct research on the benefits of social circus, especially to physically, mentally or financially disadvantaged young people. If you are a funding body looking to organise some research on the benefits of teaching performance arts and circus skills to disadvantaged young people – then we would be happy to hear from you regarding any collaborations.


Click below for a link to a recent article on the inclusion benefits of teaching circus skills as part of PE in Wales.

Juggling the timetable: why every school should teach circus skills in PE lessons

One PWB-UK Manager (South), Jamie Moore, was a research assistant in a recent study on the benefits of teaching Poi to older people. You can see him at work in this video on a typical research day during the study:

The benefits of teaching poi to older people by Kate VanWest:

This same lady did a PhD on the benefits of learning Poi:

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