INDIA 2016


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Back in India once more working with our usual partners and creating powerful positive experiences.

See below for tour report blogs and pictures capturing the experiences of our volunteers and the kids the reached out to in order to improve their quality of life.

The India 2016 Team looked something like this:


Mika Kiburz, 31, USA 

Mika heralds from the USA and was part of team India 2015 and is returning to head up our upcoming tour to the eastern lands.  She’s a multi talented performer and teacher and a total joy to work and perform with.  As an amazing juggler the partner organisations are in for a treat as they will get chance to build further on their skills.  She is also a clown and has a huge capacity to share play!  Watch out India – Mika is coming back full steam ahead!!


Sara Le Cormec, 26, USA

Sara is very clear about doing what she loves, and making sure to use it to make a positive impact on her environment.  She teaches circus as a way to inspire and share artistic expression.  Her main skill is juggling – passing as many as 8 clubs! She also works with dance and movement as well as mime and clowning.  We welcome her aboard to support her life long dream of working, teaching and performing in the arts.

Shaheen van de Schyff, 32,South Africa

Shaheen is one half of The Fiery Pixies, he loves to play circus and can be spotted finding ways to spin everything and anything! He is a flow artist and has focused the last two years on developing this inner creativity teaching and performing around the world!  He is ready and raring to continue sharing his teaching and spreading the magic.

Shouniez van de Schyff, 31, South Africa

Shouniez is one half of The Fiery Pixies, she has been full power sharing the creative joy of flow arts and hooping for that past year and a half around the globe.  She is a life long dancer (she’s even performed on the world stage at the hip-hop championships!) finding happiness when engaged in flow and finding ways to share this brings smiles to all involved  : )

Magnus ‘Mags’ Cromarty, 38, UK 

Mags is back for more after the 2015 India tour! He has been performing since a child and has spend the past 13 years specialising in juggling, journalism and cheffing.  He works for Juggling Inferno, Cirucs Malabaristas and High Rise Rubber.  The projects are in for a treat as he comes back to build on discoveries and share more and more and more with the young people.

Beatriz Asenjo Vicente, 32, UK/Spain

Bea is leaving the skies for the aeroplanes as she embarks on her second PWB tour.  Earlier this year the Nicaragua team was lucky enough to have ‘Super Bea’ on their team and she’s back for more!  She loves circus, performing, training, travelling, learning new tricks and meeting new people.

India tour will see her hooping, juggling, spinning a toothbrush?! Wow. And sharing music to name but a few of her skills. Project India is ready for her!

Tyler ‘Spades’ Macklin, 29, USA

Tyler entered the circus world with a passion for staff spinning in 2007 and now loves multiple forms of contact multi-staff, juggling, dance, performance technique, theatre, and movement arts. Armed with all the portable props he is heading from Oregon for new experiences, adventure and to share his love of circus!

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