Over the years PWB has worked with many partners in many different countries. In some cases we have worked with the same organisation for more than 10 years. Although historically we have mainly worked only internationally, in 2018 we started looking for partners to work with in the UK. Please see our PWB-UK for more on that. Below you can find a list of our partners split into geographic areas.


PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PROPOSE A PARTNERSHIP WITH US – especially if you work with physically, mentally or financially disadvantaged young people in the UK.


Since PUK’s development in 2018 we’ve worked with the following groups in the UK – Workshops with visually and aurally impaired children, Looked after children, refugees and asylum seekers. We hope to secure funding to roll out a more sustained programme with our keen collaborators:

Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) in London

St Vincent’s School for the Visually Impaired in Liverpool

Manchester Deaf Centre

Henshaws Trust Liverpool

Young Peoples Services – in Blackburn

Shropshire Supports Refugees


CircusWorks – The UK’s Youth Circus Umbrella


Circus Central


We have been touring in INDIA since 2007 and these are our main partners:


Gandhi Ashram – An Ashram in Amehdabad founded by Mahatma Gandhi, PWB have worked there since 2014

Asha Deep Vidyashram –  PWB’s longest partnership, a school for slum children in Varanasi. PWB first visited in 2007 and have returned every tour since then

Duniya Education  – A school for slum children in Varanasi, close to Asha Deep. Partnering with PWB since 2012

Ashray Trust – A school and care centre in Nagwa slum, Varanasi, PWB first visited in 2012

Kiran Centre – A school and centre caring for differently abled children near Varanasi. PWB have performed and done outreach here since 2007

Jeevan School – A slum school and hostel in Varanasi partnering with PWB since 2014

Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation –  A home and school for traffiicked and at risk children in Darjeeling. PWB have worked here since 2010.

Hope Foundation –  An organisation with many centres in Kolkuta, PWB have worked with Hope for 5 years

Salvation Army School for the Deaf –  A school in Darjeeling specifically focusing on education for deaf children, PWB have visited every year since 2012

Hayden Hall – A centre in Darjeeling reaching out to children and old people in the area. PWB first visited in 2012




We have been working in NICARAGUA since 2013. We usually visit:


Sonflora –  PWB’s first stop in Nicaragua, a center giving extra education and activities in Las Peñitas. We first avisited in 2014.

Las Chavaladas & Niños del Fortin –  Run by the incredible Amalia, these organisations cover a day center and home, a school and a mobile schooling service in Leon. PWB have worked there since 2014, and the majority of our outreach work in Leon is coordinated by Amalia

Los Quinchos – A fantastic italian run NGO, working with orphaned and at risk children, providing them a safe home and education. PWB’s longest standing partner in Nicaragua, we first visited in 2013.

La Escuela de la Comedia y el Mimo –  A social circus working with the local community in Granada. PWB have visited since 2013.

El Nido de las Artes – Community circus group based iun Estelí. This group have worked with PWB since 2014 and will be visiting our partners this year as a mini tour

NSC – The Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign a UK supported group working to promote social and economic justice. PWB have visited various schools and organisations that are supported by the NSC since 2013.

We have been working in KENYA since 2016. Our regular partners are:

GRT Italian NGO – rehabilitation centre in Nairobi working with rescued street children from 2017

Heshima School – providing education for children with disabilities PWB has been partnering with them since 2016

Heshima Women’s Refuge – providing facilities for venerable, displaced and refugee women. Working with PWB since 2017

Little Children –  an umbrella organisation who sponsor Indipendent orphanages in kenya and Uganda. PWB visits the children’s homes ‘Hope children’s centre’ in dagoretti corner Nairobi and ‘Gatherithi orphans and vulnerable children’s centre in Kiambu, partnering with PWB since 2015

The Sarakasi Trust – centre for circus and performing arts in Nairobi, PWB teach at many of their outreach programs across Nairobi and partner with teacher training and workshops including projects such as ‘Armani Lazima’ in Kibera and Huruma in Nairobi

Smiles for Change – formally known as the Sarakasi hospital project performing and teaching in various centres such as the children’s ward in Kenyatta hospital, the Kamiti young offenders centre. Teaching alongside other artists, teachers and performers partnering since 2015

Gabriels Learning Centre – a school and home for children in the Nakuru area, PWB teach the physical education classes to the whole school of 200 children partnering since 2015

Africa Prisons Project – providing classes and education in Kamiti maximum security prison partnering since 2016 in conjunction with Sarakasi Trust

There was only one tour in SIERRA LEONE in 2014 before the Ebola came to Freetown. After that the Tour Creator and Coordinator Peter King left the country and we have not returned since then. We are still in touch with the local performers we worked with (pictured right) and welcome any suggestions of how we can support and work with them in the future.

When we were there we worked with:

SOS Children’s villages in Free Town, Makeni, and BO.

Orphund in Kamakwei.

Save the Children in Pujehun and Free Town.

GOAL in Free Town.

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