INDIA 2014


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Back in India once more working with our usual partners and creating powerful positive experiences.

See below for tour report blogs and pictures capturing the experiences of our volunteers and the kids the reached out to in order to improve their quality of life.

The India Team 2014 looked something like this:

Meet the team

Introducing PWB Team India 2014 * Drum roll* It will be the 6th time PWB visit India and starting the 4 month tour there in early January we are proud to present to you:

Abi Cooper, 27, UK.
Cambridge community circus (camcircus) teacher, aerialist, hula hooper and multi-talented performer, Abi was part of Team India 2013 and is returning this year as a coordinator along with….

Tom Puckett, 28, UK.
Another key player at Camcircus, experienced juggler, performer and teacher, we are pleased to welcome Tom to PWB for the first time this year as co-coordinator with Abi.

Andrei Cococeanu, 24, Romania.
‘Coco’ is a circus performer and teacher currently living in the UK, he is widely traveled and has taught circus for the last 8 years. He believes that ‘living is performing and the other way around’

Ashley Ferrari, 26, UK.
A professional circus performer and teacher specialising in Hula hoop but with many other talents. She trained at Greentops circus school and is passionate about the arts and international development.

Bruno Kopf, 26, Austria/South Africa.
A flow artist and teacher, Bruno has traveled internationally and founded his own company ‘Fire Desire’ which runs an initiative called the Peace Poi Project. He says that being able to inspire and teach through flow arts is one of his biggest aspirations.

Jodie Cole, 30, UK.
Contemporary Dance artist, performer and teacher, Jodie is looking forward to sharing her practice with children, and hopes to enrich the lives of those around her through sharing her passion.

Gary Bee, 34, UK
Gary is a juggler, clown, circus performer and teacher with more than 10 years experience. He is currently working in Lapland! Gary could not join us for the 2013 tour so we are very happy that he could be part of the 2014 team.

Claudio Kuzma, 28, Germany.
A youth circus teacher currently working in Berlin, Claudio loves teaching, traveling and circus. Specialising in diabolo and balancing, he looks forward to sharing his skills with the children and encouraging their creativity.

There you are, that is PWB Team India 2014 – and how fantastic are they? You’ll be hearing more from them over the next few months, lets wish them luck and good health.

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