All our key staff have taken the NSPCC online training course and have had Enhanced DBS checks. They are aware of our reporting and recording procedure and know who their Designated Safety Officer (DSO) is and how to contact them in an emergency.

Since PWB usually works with partner organisations our usual procedure is to work with our partner organisations and take their lead in any recorded incidents. However we do keep our own records and are constantly monitoring and evaluating our procedures to make sure they are effective and up to date.

Our Safeguarding Policy is designed to be compatible with NSPCC guidelines.

Safeguarding Policy Download
PWB have adopted the NSPCC 4Rs guidelines to Safeguarding:

Recognise –  all our personnel have been given NSPCC training in how to recognise abuse and examples of how to spot behaviour that may indicate abuse are also listed in our main safeguarding policy which they should be aware of or can access easily form this website here.

Respond – all our personnel have undertaken the NSPCC online course in how to respond if a child chooses to disclose an incident of abuse to us, or what to do if we recognise potential signs of abuse. Most importantly they will take any disclosure of abuse seriously and take personal responsibility to make the child is out of immediate danger and to make sure it gets reported.

Report – all our personnel are aware that they should not try and diagnose abuse or try to deal with abusive situation themselves, but instead they should try and report it to the appropriate person. In most cases this will be the lead member of the partner organisation we are working with, but if this is not appropriate (perhaps because they are the ones suspected of being the abuser) or this is not an option, it could be social services or the police. If unsure what to do we will ask the NSPCC for further advice. In all cases the incident and what happened afterwards will be reported to the PWB DSO.

Record – in all cases of reporting suspected abuse PWB will keep a record by filling in the Report form linked here on this website, which is automatically sent to the DSO. The DSO will also within 24hrs follow up with a phone conversation with the PWB personnel doing the reporting and the person the incident was reported to. We will keep our reports so that they are available should they be needed as evidence in further proceedings.

If you have any further queries, questions or feedback please contact the DSO.


You can contact Childline or the NSPCC directly in the following ways:

Telephone: 0800 1111

Telephone: 0808 800 5000
[email protected]

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