KENYA 2017

POPULATION47.3 million

SIZE580,367 km2


LANGUAGESEnglish, Swahili

Back in Kenya once more working with our usual partners and creating powerful positive experiences.

See below for tour report blogs and pictures capturing the experiences of our volunteers and the kids the reached out to in order to improve their quality of life.

The Kenya Team looked something like this:

Tour Facilitator: Abi Cooper, UK.  

Abi first toured with PWB in India in 2013, following on in 2014 by leading a tour there. In 2015 and 2016 she researched and then led the first tour to Kenya and she is back for more in 2017! Abi has just finished her third season working in Chaplins Circus in the UK as an aerial artist and seems to have an endless supply of energy!

Mira Unde, 26, Sweden.  Mira is a socialy aware chinese pole artist and acrobat who after graduating from circus school has spent her last ten months working full time in a NGO helping refugee families and homeless women.
In June this year Mira toured with Clowns Without Borders (Sweden) to Greece.Mira says ” I’m so, very much, ready to blend the social side of me together with circus artist me. I think i have lots of experience from all the parts that are important to this project, I think it might just be perfect for me’

Jess Herman, UK, 33.  Jess is a power house of a performer and community/youth worker. Having been on a PWB project before she’s back and raring for more as she brings her impressive hula hoop skills and positivity to team Kenya. She has a natural flare for sharing joy and we are very excited to welcome her back for more work this time in Africa. She has been working with young people and sexual health in Bristol and is excited to continue sharing this important knowledge around the world.

Francesca Chez Theatre Dunford, UK, 29.  Chez first volunteered with PWB in 2013, tour co-ordinated India in 2015 and has since been supporting the running of the charity in the office. She is heading out to Kenya to continue teaching clown, dance, music and yoga. She is excited to be performing for young people in orphanages, hospitals and slums in Kenya. Chez says “I can’t wait to get back out on a project and share what I’ve been learning. I am well excited to be involved in the new connections in Africa and continue offering outreach around the globe by sharing play and joy, it’s a human right! Especially in these turbulent times of change we must unite and remain positive”.

Nicholas Pegram, USA 24.  Like Peter Pan Nicolas was never a fan of the thought of growing older. He thought that growing up meant forfeiting ones imagination. He knows now that through circus this idea is untrue. He seeks to spread this life philosophy to as many children as possible, through drumming, dancing, fire performing, fooling, juggling, loving life and the magic of imagination. He likes to find balance as much as he can on ball, rope, rola bola, or simply the palm of his hand (or face).

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