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Due to political unrest in the country we are only did two mini-Tours to Nicaragua in 2019 in the Spring and Autumn of 2019. Each time we paid local artists to do 2 x 1 week projects with our usual partners in Los Quinchos in San Marcos and then both Las Chavaladas (Leon) and Ninos del Fortin in Leon. These tours were generously funded by a Network for Social Change (NSC) grant. Unfortunately we did not have the funds to go to La Escuela de Comedia y Mimo (Granada) this time but we are looking at ways to fund future Nicaragua Tours based on this model.

Here is a summary of the data we collected from the project:

Spring 2019: 22 sessions, 47 Hours, 79 participants (50% females), 2 shows, 90 audience.

Autumn 2019: 20 sessions, 36 hours, 50 participants (40% female), 2 shows to 73 audience.


The Tour Coordinator was: Aileen Lawlor

The local team delivering the tours were:  SPRING- Erling Moran, Levi Rivera, Ramon Darwing,  AUTUMN- Rafael Lorgoespada, Lester Zeledon


Times: LEON– Mornings at Las Chavs and afternoons at NdF.    SAN MARCOS – Los Quinchos 9-11am and 2.30-5pm

workshop activities – circus, games, body warm-ups, acro, breakdance, theatre, clowning, face painting, handstands, acro-yoga


LEON – at end of week and combined Las Chavs and NdF.  SAN MARCOS – at end of week.

Audiences: kids, mothers, Partner Organisation staff

See below for some great pictures of the amazing work we did bringing happiness to young people in a troubled country.

PWB Local Instructor: “…we were super pleased with their enthusiasm for learning and dedication, and the acro, juggling, and diabolo acts they pulled off for their final show! They are a great group of kids. I hope PWB comes back next year and can work on stage presence and more theatre/games to help them conquer the self-consciousness”

PWB Local Instructor: “A few of the kids had experience in acro, diabolo and ball juggling, so the instructors would work on that… They were enthusiastic to do exercises and create a show and practice. A few of the boys also asked about Will and Jacob! They remembered the funny dance ‘Movimiento tuanis’ part of PWB’s show last year.”

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