INDIA 2015


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Back in India once more working with our usual partners and creating powerful positive experiences.

See below for tour report blogs and pictures capturing the experiences of our volunteers and the kids the reached out to in order to improve their quality of life.

The India Team 2015 looked something like this if lined up in height order:

Francesca Dunford,UK.  Chez will be heading up Team India. Chez was part of the 2013 India team and is back for more! Last year she toured in the USA with the Rural Academy Theatre, a horsedrawn theatre company, and this year with Pif Paf theatre.  She loves sharing positive communication using performance, clown and music.


Lillian Myers, USA. Lillian is already in India teaching and studying theatre and visual art. She is a clown and theatre practitioner and has traveled widely, documenting and learning along the way. Lillian says ‘performance is a kinaesthetic educational experience’ and looks forward to sharing this with the children on tour.

Mark Treloar, Australia. Mark is flow artist and manipulator and a qualified pastry chef whose favorite props are poi and staff. His first performance was in 2011 and he has been developing and adding to his performances. Mark says he loves to be able to work with other performers and collaborate, teach, learn and play together – and so you will on tour Mark!Good luck to all our volunteers and Happy New Year!

Emily McQueen, Australia. Emily comes from a theatre and dance background and works as a coach at Byron Bay Circus Arts teaching circus to children, as well as workshops for adults. Her favorite prop is hoops closely followed by poi. Emily says ‘I could not think of any better way to get out there and travel than to go and spread the joy of circus and play’It’s not long now guys! we’ll be introducing the final few volunteers between now and the new year

Magnus Cromarty, UK. Mags is a ‘circus monkey from Bristol’ with a ‘ridiculous moustache’ (his words not ours!). He likes contact manipulation, juggling, poi, STICKS, stilt walking, capering about, acro basing, dancing, falling over, making music and general foolishness. Magnus is a chef, holds a degree in journalism
and has been a circus performer for 12 years, plus doing theatre and dance since childhood.

Avi Chertok, USA. Avi is a manipulator from Chicago whose favourite objects include poi, staffs of various types, and ball juggling. Last year has seen him collaborating in a 12 person collective fusing modern dance and object manipulation. Avi is particularly excited that joining the PWB India team will fuse three of his passions – working with kids, object manipulation, and traveling – into one trip!

Mika Kiburz, USA. Mika grew up doing gymnastics and says she “loves circus because it is a synthesis of EVERYTHING, all the art forms, and body practices, and it is limitless” Her favourite skills at the moment are contact club, contact ball, poi spinning, and object balancing.

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