NSC Grant


On 12th March 2019 the Network for Social Change (NSC) awarded Performers Without Borders (PWB) a grant for £7213. As part of the grant it was stipulated that a 6 month report should completed giving a summary of progress carrying out the activities contained in the original proposal. This can be downloaded below. PWB would be interested in exploring the potential of further partnerships with NSC and its members based on the success and wider need for this outreach work teaching circus arts to disadvantaged young people to improve their wellbeing.

NSC Grant Report


All proposed activities have been successfully completed or are scheduled to occur within a month of this report being filed. All activities ran on budget and fulfilled their stated goals. PWB would like to thank NSC for the grant and invite them to read the longer evaluation report and watch the video associated with the PWB-UK Swiss Cottage circus workshops and the data and photos gathered from the PWB-International Nicaragua circus workshops that were funded as part of the grant.

Swiss Cottage Report


The Swiss Cottage Project if video is below and after that are some selected photographs from the Nicaragua and Swiss Cottage respectively:

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