Sierra Leone 2014

Meet the team

It is a pleasure to introduce PWB Team Sierra Leone 2014! *Drum roll* For the first ever PWB tour of Sierra Leone and starting their 6 week tour in mid-January, we give you:

Peachi Pete, organiser and coordinator extraordinaire!
He has been living in Sierra Leone for the past year, during this time he has created this project and founded PeWiBo, the group of national performers and teachers who will be part of the tour along with our 4 intrepid UK volunteers…

Tim Chown, 31.
Professional circus performer, teacher, and director of agency Smoking Hot Productions, he loves circus and has created large fire shows as well as stunning glow shows, and is a multi-skilled artist – we are very pleased to welcome him to his first PWB tour!

Emma Bellerby, 22.
Professional Dancer and Choreographer, currently studying a masters in choreography, she has performed all over Europe as well as volunteering in Tanzania and India. She says that the main themes in her life are dancing/performing, children, travel and the desire to be part of something out of the ordinary.

Katie Alexander, 21.
Circus Performer and Teacher, Katie trained at Circomedia circus school and specialises in Physical Theatre and acrobalance as well as being skilled in juggling and dance. She has recently been working in New York and believes in using performance to motivate, inspire and engage people.

Livi Little, 26.
We are very happy to welcome Livi back for her 3rd PWB tour! Livi is a skilled hula hooper and manipulator and a talented maker as well as working with various alternative therapies. She has performed at various events and festivals across the world and says she just can’t get enough of PWB!

Here’s wishing PWB Team S-L all the very best for their tour, look out for updates about what they are up to from mid-January onwards!