Woo woo woo ppbblllllrrrrr‘ is the sound of all emotions, situations, excitements or disappointments, and with the sound comes the motion waving one hand in a big circle with your index finger pointing out in the air.

Woo woo woo’ is often seen as the sound for excitement as it is easy to pronounce and project and comes quite naturally when being…excited!

‘Ppbblllllrrrr’ on the other hand can be interpreted as the negative, sad, ill or sullen type of sound. It is a sound you make by sticking your tongue out at the same time as you take a big breath and exhale, often with a great amount of saliva splashing on everyone in your surroundings (also known as blowing raspberries).

These sounds and these movements allows and enables you to P-W-Be whatever you want and to P-W-Be whatever you can. It does not matter to the team, they will join in if you are happy, sad, sullen or ill – after a few rounds of ‘woo woo woo ppbblllllrrr woo woo woo ppbbllllllrrr’ you will feel refreshed and you will feel cared about, you will feel  part of a team, as part of a family.

Woo woo woo ppbblllllrrrrr’ never fails, no matter what subject, intentions or feelings – it will make you smile.

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