It meant our last chance to see the kids we have spent so much time bonding with…
Facepainting at Duniya! (Paints kindly donated by Oddballs Juggling, Camden)
It meant Holi the festival of colour…
The team after ‘playing Holi’ with the kids at Asha Deep
And for Asha Deep; it meant show week!
Each member of the team took a group of children and started working hard to choreograph something special.
I worked with “Team Sticks”…
The dedication blew me away.
Not only did these kids train really hard – they asked me, each day, “can we do an extra rehearsal tonight?”. Well, there’s only really one answer  to that: YES! As a teacher – there is nothing more inspiring than passionate students. So, each night after dinner, I walked by the ghats to go meet Team Sticks and together, we made something really awesome. 
There were times of worry, there were arguments, and tears… but… then someone would say; “sab kuch mileaga” and we’d go one more time from the top. Sab kuch mileaga translated literally to, “I will get everything” – but means “anything is possible”. So we added – “if you practice every day.” 
To see these kids, who had worked so hard, dance their hearts out was really quite beautiful. Lots of performers understand the post-show Buzz. Thanks to PWB, these kids have felt it, too.
Here’s Team Sticks…. smashing it…

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