(Below is the speech I delivered to the Gabriel Learning Centre School at their Monday morning assembly 13th March, I had it translated into Kiswahili for them at the time)

“Dear Gabriels learning Centre, Wowee! Well done for your show on friday. You were all so wonderful, I hope you are all proud of what you achieved in only 3 weeks! Thank you also to all of the teachers, and all the staff at Gabriels for their energy and support. Making a show is a big part of performing arts, the most fun and exiting exam you will ever have. It allows you to share your amazing talents and new found skills with your friends, with your school, and your teachers around you. I hope that this performance sharing with some of your community can spark communication and smiles in your families.



Showtime is also a brilliant way to finish our project, a real destination to arrive at. So today our part in this journey is ending, today we are leaving as our time in Kenya is at an end. But the journey for you in performing arts should continue, keep practicing the things we have shared, the games, diablo, dancing, clown, acrobatics, juggling.




The things you have learnt are tools for the future that you can use in many ways, for example building trust in acro-balance; seeing and recognising emotions in clown and theatre; fun and exercise in hula hoop dancing; and hand-eye coordination in juggling. As teachers we believe these skills are valuable and fun and important to children. We all really look forward to working with you all again with a new team in the future.

We will all remember our time as part of the Gabriel’s family, so now I will take my memories, smiles and laughter in my hand, put it in my pocket. And take it wherever we go.

Asante Sana ( Thankyou )

Created and Read By Abi Cooper, Team Kenya Co-oordinator 2017


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