Extract From ‘The Little Buddha’ by Claus Mikosch (www.thelittlebuddha.net).

The clown once lived in freedom
He traveled all alone
Across the land and round the world
Deep inside there was his home

Being happy almost all the time
His life was bright and colourful
He gave laughter to the people
To be a clown was wonderful

But something always got him down
Something took his happiness
‘Twas the farewell from his new friends
The reason for his sadness

When their paths went separate ways
The clown would stop his game
Real tears rolled down his face
And his heart it felt the pain

But luckily one autumn day
An old man came with good advice
Be sad, he said, but not for long
‘Cause friends are here for life

And believe me, after every end
A new beginning will always come
And you say goodbye, and meet again
One day, for sure, consider it done

– Claus Mikosch

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