Hi, I am Manish Ram from Varanasi.


I first learnt circus when pwb came to my school Asha Deep Vidhyashram 8 years ago. I was really happy to learn the different skills they had and it was interesting for me……. I didn’t know that I could be a member of the project also and teach circus with them until I came to Darjeeling. This is my second trip with PWB as a teacher. I have a really good feeling living and playing with them and teaching together. I felt this is the best thing i ever had. I am here like a teacher but the childrens are like my teacher


I have learnt many important things from the Edith Wilkins foundation children. They are really gentle and friendly here. They want to learn all the time. Darjeeling is the best place to learn circus, the nature is so beautiful and true. This makes me want to come again because the environment is so clear and feels really different.
With the team I get to perform in different schools and NGO’s. This is the best part of the Darjeeling trip. PWB group is like family for me. They acepted me like little brother. Men are like a sweet brother and women like pretty sister.We dance together and make food and eat together. I like being around them. I give thanks to Jonny, my old teacher who gave me the oportunity to join the PWB team. I hope I will meet him again. PWB is a great organisation, it has good ideas and is good for the world.

Now, what I am learning here in Darjeeling with the team I will bring back to the Varanasi and change some lives. I have gained a lot of confidence coming up here and being in the nature makes me think positively. I have got the idea of what PWB is doing, why it is helping the children and what the goal is behind this ogranisation.
We finished the Darjeeling program with our Yatra show by doing it in the Chow Rasta pubic square – it was really interesting. This one month of Dajeeling program was really amazing and full of adventures. I learn alot during this trip. Now I will go back to Varanasi and see what is the best way to teach circus or learn circus. My little brother Sagar is the manager of the Happy Talent Group in Varanasi, a group that teaches circus to children that spends alot of time working in their homes, working for money and not attending school.
I came to Darjeeling to get more experience to share with the children. I am so happy that I came here to learn. Now I have more to do in Varanasi and can bring more circus. Once again thank you PWB for letting me teach in Darjeeling. I hope I will came back to Darjeeling next year.

Thank you.
Manish Ram.

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  • Tink

    Manish, you have a unique perspective because you have experienced both side of the program. PWB is lucky to have you as a member!

  • Sue Ball

    Great to read of your experiences in Darjeeling, Manish and good luck with future circus work and teaching! Sue Ball (PWB Emily’s mum!)

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