In between the busy schedule of teaching, performing and practising, we like to have a bit of additional fun. A few weeks ago we set each other challenges, Tom’s being to write and film a rap about PWB. It didn’t get into the video, so here are the lyrics, we’ll let your imagination do the rest: Enjoy!

We came to India to teach the kids,

flew on a plane, that’s what we dids!

We bought loads of props!

Those things you drops!

Hula hoops, diabolos don’t phase the Cops!

PWB is a charity

founders Matt Morris and Jonny Baby.

Now there’s Mystic D,

Jess and Char-lot-Te,

Tom, Gottfried, Leo and Emily.

We made a show,

ya know how it goes

Mystic D freezes and goes slow mo!

S-L-O-W   M-O-W!

Stop! Banana time!

So many kids here

that need our help.

Got no fancy clothes,

aint got no wealth.

Now I articulate

that what you donate

goes to help the kids.

That’s really great!

P.W.Be whatever you want!

P.W.Be the best that you can be!

P.W.Be an inspiration to the kids!

P.W.Be the change you want to see!

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