Team India is on tour and ready for their first update to the rest of the world.

We all met up in Goa on the 5th of January, except for Daniel who was already in our bootcamp location, Gokarna. Luckily nobody had big problems arriving there and we got to meet each other in “real life” for the first time. So far it is a great experience to be part of team India. It turns out to be a colourful mix with a lot of energy, fun, puns and delight, but also a lot of motivation to discuss and develop. 

On the 6th of January we travelled south to our bootcamp location, the Namaste Yoga Farm on Kudle beach in Gokarna. Taking an Indian train for the first time was quite interesting. Did you ever stick your head out the open door of a running train, while travelling through endless forests of palmtrees, mountains and the sea right at hand?


The next adventure was getting our luggage (loads and loads of donated circus equipment) from the train station to the hostel, strapped on the roofs of two taxis honking constantly and having to stop for cows on the street. 

The place itself is amazing. We have a 5 minutes walk down to a wonderful beach and a hut in a garden with strange birds, monkeys and cows. There is also a yoga space in which we can do all our work.

Outside our window there lives a really pretty black and yellow bird, which constantly crashes in the window every two minutes or so. he does not seem to get hurt by it, but we didn’t quite figure out the purpose yet… 

Another adventure with the animals here was when Jamie was training head balance in the garden today. She was joined by a group of monkeys, apparently really curious what she was doing.

Our daily routine is made of yoga lessons in the morning, sharing teaching advice, games and circus skills, working on the show, learning some clowning, getting prepared for tour, swimming in the sea, becoming ill and recovering from it, walking to town to get food, fighting mosquitoes, do circus, eat the marvellous food and, in between, having a lot of fun.  

We also checked over all the donated circus equipment and the result is amazing: About 200 juggling balls, a whole suitcase of clubs, loads of LED pois, dozens of hoops, clowns noses, a unicycle, diabolos, acromats and all we could wish for. A big THANK YOU to all the generous sponsors! 

Bootcamp is scheduled until the 22nd of january, with a  fabulous show on the beach on the 20th Jan. Then it will be time for our first project in Ahmedabad.

So, team India started it’s tour and we are up for more! 

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