Hello everyone,

We have arrived in India, all of us, more or less intact and now enjoying the peace of our bootcamp location and haven of Kudle beach, Gokarna. We have begun our tour preparations away from the continuous honks of Mumbai traffic, the persistant calls of the various wallahs and the distinct smells that are unique to the big cities of this vibrant land.

Our show is steadily coming together: complete with silly magicians, monkeys and cheesy dances. We are also learning to become expert teachers, learned travellers and masters of the ever so helpful (and unhelpful!) Indian head wobble.

Our days are really full with so much to learn and plan. The continuous (but very welcome!) sun makes it quite full on for us too! Our sunset swims in the sea and juggling on the beach are certainly hugely enjoyable at the end of a long day.

Next week we will perform our show here on Kudle beach, before making the 2 days train journey north eastwards to the oldest recorded city in the world, Varanasi. We will there begin our teaching and performing tour – surrounded by excited children, sacred cows and the holy Ganges river.

Until then we are enjoying this time getting to know each other, our strengths, our maybe-not-strengths-quite-yet (!) and as it is impossible to hide in India living so closely together, the ever changing patterns of our bowel movements.

We have a great group and are all massively excited to be taking part in this project – so thank you again to all of you who have supported us to help us be here.

Photos and videos and more updates will follow soon.

Much love from the PWB team of 2012.


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  • Skully

    Oooo that beach looks beautiful. I hope everything goes smoothly and that you all have great fun spreading the joy of circus and playing. I’m going to paste this over to the Elephants Not Included Blog, to spread the word. Big love!

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