For the first time in my life, I have joined the circus! Circus brought to my life a sense of happiness that I have never felt before. It is also my first time to travel to Darjeeling, which I find to be a quiet place.

It is different from Varanasi, where I live. The people seem very friendly and I never see anyone fighting. It is very clean here. There are many big clouds. The town has lots of trees and flowers that I had never seen before. Chowrasta square is my favorite part of Darjeeling.

During my time here, I have enjoyed my teaching hula hoop, dance, and fans. I like teaching hula hoop moves like vortex and waist hooping. Teaching the Bollywood dance is fun because you can see the different ways everyone dances. Dan and Benji are so funny to watch when we do the Bollywood dance together in the show!

I like learning new skills like slackline, ball juggling and poi. During free play, I especially love connecting with the girls who are close to my age, we like to make jokes and listen to hindi music. With the small girls I like to sing songs and play hand clapping games. They remind me of my friends back home in a good way.

I have never performed in a circus show like the PWB show before, so it was very exciting for me my heart was beating so fast before our first show together! In the show, I do clowning, the Bollywood dance, and I am in the fan section. My favorite part of the show is when we all cry together on stage when we break the blender, it is so funny to cry with everyone. In the fire show, I perform a fire fan solo act! When I do fire fans I feel relaxed and I am able to enjoy myself.

Back at the house, we cook meals together and I love to cook with everyone. I try to cook indian food for everyone, last night I made onion pakora! It is so funny to see everyone cry when they chop onions! It feels good to share evening meals and cooking. Sometimes after dinner I have Hindi class with Dan. Other times after dinner we play the game Cuberdhee- Cuberdhee- Cuberdhee which is an indian game I taught the group that makes everybody laugh a lot.

Everyone on the team loves me, and I love everyone too.  I really like being a PWB volunteer. I will really miss this experience once its over. It has gone bytoo fast. I do not want PWB to end!Photo on 02-05-2017 at 17.30

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