Hola a todos! Sara Noelle here with another blog update, and boy oh boy do I have exciting news! PWB team Nica has completed our second to last week on tour. Personally I am amazed at how hard we have worked on this last project. We had a bunch of shows scheduled, and it was also show week for the kids we’ve been working with. I’ll clue you all in on the juicy highlights in this blog. Here we go!

Sooo first off, we had our Despadita (show + last day celebrations) with Casa Alianza. We managed to pull together a stellar show with these teenagers after 7 days of prep. I am so impressed. Our first week with them was mainly work shops, and the second was a mix of classes and show prep. The kids were super keen on act creation, and one of the girls volunteered to MC the show! She did it in style, with her toothbrush as her mic! The show was called “Circo Alianza”, named after the facility where they live. The name translates to “Circus Alliance.” How cool is that? I feel strongly that “Circus Alliance” is one of the best show names in history, and I cannot emphasize enough just how impressive it was to witness young people that were new to flow and circus arts put together a show in such a short amount of time. The last act was an Acro piece, and that included a two high! Amazing. Dale Circo Alianza! 


Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos at Casa alianza, so here’s a silly post-show photo instead!


The next Despadita was with Sierra Maestra. For every two hour session, we had a range of 25-50 kids. I think we were all a bit nervous about wrangling all of these kids together for a handful of show prep workshops. Well, we did it and it was so much smoother than expected! Acts included hula hoop, diabolo, magic, and acro. We also had the kids volunteer to introduce each act and they did an amazing job! It can be very intimidating to put yourself on stage and perform, and these kids nailed it. I am super proud of all of them!


Hula hula act creation!


Super shy kiddo Angel announcing the next act!


Pre-show group photo at Sierra Maestra!


Sierra Maestra show set list! Check out those act names!


The other project we’ve been working with is Las Ampies. We only had 3 friday sessions with them which wasn’t enough time to make a show with the kids, but it was still a lot of fun gathering children from their homes and teaching them workshops. We spent our last day with them performing our show in the Barrio! The location was super dusty, and at the end of the show my feet were caked with dirt (even though I had socks and shoes on!). Often times on this tour I would look at my skin and say “Wow, i’m getting so tan!” only to shower and realise it was just a layer of dirt. This resulted in many chuckles amongst our team.


Pre-show shenanigans to warm up our audience!


Yours truly with a club balance!


Just look at all these cute faces 🙂


Amidst all of the work we did this past week, we managed to squish in several shows! The exhaustion was real this week. I made a stupendous strong-woman dragon staff act with teammate Ivy, and we performed it for the last time this past week, because we donated the dragon staves. I am primarily a juggler and never touched a dragon staff until this tour, and I have to say it’s one of my new favourite props! Super suavecito and I love it.


The ever-evolving “clown piece”!


Whew! It was a hectic week and although we faced many challenges, we also laughed a lot and made many more memories. Thanks for reading and cheers to the magic of social circus!

Hasta la proxima,

Sara Noelle

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