PWB Video Brief

We won’t be able to meet you before assessing your application. We feel this is a shame because we think meeting people is the best way to judge them and you’re probably lovely. However we are big believers in the power of the moving image (check out Therefore if you can share a video of yourself with us, then we think we’ll get to know you in a different way than any number of words can. The video doesn’t have to be edited, it could even be a single fixed view from your phone. It can be filmed and edited by a friend. But what is key is that the video presents an aspect of yourself that you feel is inline with PWB’s work, vision and values.

A video could be a performance, showing a skill, doing something that you love, something that you created/were part of, even just you showing us something in your back garden/bedroom… We would really rather not watch show reels or promotional videos, we’d much prefer something original even if it is a bit rough. If the video features many people please help us identify who you are. Oh and please make it no more than 5 minutes!

We won’t be able to accept an application without a video.

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