Physical Literacy


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There is mounting evidence from the Physical Literacy literature that not only is Circus Arts Instruction (CAI) a great way of engaging young people in physical activity in a Physical Literacy Informed (PLI) way, but it is also better than traditional sports at being inclusive, engaging, accessible and reducing the gender gap. You can read more about the Physical Literacy movement here, including the latest research, but here is an extract from the abstract from the latest research comparing CIA with teaching “sports” in schools:

“Results: Significant improvements in motor competence for both groups; endpoint differences favored the circus arts instruction in physical education schools for 15 of 18 movement skills … with corresponding increases in children’s confidence and comprehension of movement terminology, as well as active participation. The gap in motor competence between girls and boys in the circus arts instruction in physical education schools was smaller than in standard PE schools. Conclusions: Circus arts instruction enriched PE can effectively aid in the development of physical literacy in children with greater gender equity.” [emphasis ours]

Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, (Ahead of Print as at Oct 2019)


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