PWB and Learned.Live

Performers Without Borders (PWB) is proud to announce a corporate sponsorship partnership with Learned.Live

Learned.Live is a new online platform connecting Teachers and Students for live interactive online learning across a vast array of subjects.

Learned.Live sees this partnership as a way to support PWB in this valuable work, especially since current restrictions have limited their activities this year. Along with many other charities, PWB have struggled with fundraising throughout the global pandemic and the PWB team are delighted with the support they will gain from this valuable partnership.

For the initial stage of the partnership, Learned.Live will donate all profits of any course fee generated through the use of this exclusive PWB referral code:

Referal Link   Then click JOIN FOR FREE


You just need to “Join for Free” using the link above and you will then automatically get 20% of the first course you book when you login as that user and PWB will get the all the rest of the profits. You can also share this link with friends and family or share your own referral link and donate the 20% Gift Voucher you get to PWB if you want. Please see here for more details.

Some course suggestions for you related to performance arts:

Juggle Fit Course

Juggling for Begginers

Magic Card Tricks With Style

Body Conditioning for Ballet



Some other popular course ideas from Learned.Live:

Mindfullness and Meditation

First Aid and PR

Thinking of changing careers

Wine Appreciation

Video Game Addiction




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