Nicaragua 2018

Jacob Hirsh Holland, 30, UK     –      Professional highline and slack rope artist and juggler Jake is returning to the Nicaragua tour for the 4th time and we are so happy to have him facilitating the tour this year! Jake has more than 20 years experience performing and teaching circus as well as travelling widely across the world.

Darine Flanagan, 25, IRE    –     Darine has been trying to master the art of having fun for the last 24 years and reckons she is getting pretty good at it. She is an experienced Irish dancer as well as being a hula hooper and training partner acrobatics. She says: “The thought of the project gives me the feel-goods and when I have the feel-goods, I think they get contagious and then the others around me get the feel-goods too. I want to share this with whoever I can!”

Will Borrell, 27, UK    –     Juggler Will is a multi talented performer and says ‘I love circus, I love teaching, I love travelling!’ What better way to combine these 3 things than on a PWB tour?! He has worked with Circus Alba and was part of a youth circus tour for the commonwealth games in 2014 and since then has been a full time performer and teacher.

Sara Noelle, 28, USA     –    Sara joins us for her 2nd PWB tour, the first being to India in 2016.  She is an experienced juggler specialising in club juggling and manipulation and also makes clothes and costumes.  We are excited to welcome her back with the experience of a tour under her belt and that she has the chance to share her skills with even more young people on the Nicaragua Tour this year.

Leonardo Astorga, 28, USA    –     Theatre and circus performer Leo specialises in contact juggling, bubble manipulation and clowning.  He has worked with Humboldt Circus and has years of experience community living, citing 3 important aspects of teamwork as Communication, Organisation, and Respect. He also mentions that there is no angry way to say bubble 🙂

Helen Wardle, 26, AUS     –     Also known as ‘Helly Hoops’, Helen is an experienced hoop dancer and teacher, as well as having skills in balance and character work. She has travelled the world for the last 5 years and is excited to have the opportunity to give something back, to work with children, to work with a team, to be immersed and use her skills in a profoundly different environment and create something magical.

Sarah Ivy Mayer, 28, USA    –    Sarah Ivy is a playful artist always in search of the next adventure. She will twirl any prop in her path, but her main joys include skill sharing, and creating collaborative choreography with any and all who wish to partake. she says: I want to do something that matters… and I am convinced this opportunity could be one of the most rewarding experiences i could ever hope for.