Charity Work


Given our unique set of skills, PeWiBo is interested in collaborations with other charitable institutions. Whether it be : a) helping make your fundraising event more spectacular; or b) providing a bespoke workshop experience for your target audience; or c) a team building exercise for your staff; or d) providing a show that is adapted to deliver your human rights or healthcare message; or e) any other novel combination of the above or any new ideas you may have. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for cooperative events or interesting exchanges of skills and services.

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We are of course also available for formal bookings and any money raised will be counted as a donation to PeWiBo and help directly improve the lives of our performance artists and their families and help support our outreach work. We are open to discussing discounts for worthy institutions or other ways of making mutually beneficial exchanges.

Please e-mail or call for more details:
or Tel: +232 (0) 79741417