Welcome to the PeWiBo Salone website. We are based in Freetown in the west of Sierra Leone. Our aim is to help orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) realise their potential by teaching them performance arts. We can also deliver health and humans rights messages through performance, drama and workshops.

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PeWiBo is short for “Performers Without Borders” based in Sierra Leone (or Salone). PeWiBo is an abbreviation pronounced phonetically as Peh-Wee-Boh. We chose this abbreviation because it is easier to understand in West Africa than the acronym P.W.B.

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PeWiBo gives OVCs the opportunity to explore their potential through learning performance arts. We believe that by teaching someone performance skills an individual’s learning, creativity and team working abilities are developed. Additionally it helps to build confidence, develop empowerment and overcome social barriers. It is also great fun and raises spirits and gives the OVCs access to a safe and cheap play experience.

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Working For Donations

Our performance troupe also provides entertainment for various functions and events for a reasonable fee, as a means of fundraising to support our outreach programmes. Some of the money we earn also goes towards paying our performers for providing their skills at these events.

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Teaching And Team Building

Additionally we organise beginners circus skill classes and advanced training, hence our aim is also to build up a strong circus skills capacity in Sierra Leone. We can also adapt our teaching format to make it into a team-building exercise that can help bond your office more closely.

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Charity Work

Furthermore we are keen to support like-minded organisations and explore different avenues of collaboration or even perhaps help them make their fund raising events more spectacular.

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