The FAB 500

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Can you afford at least £2 a month?

Can you spare 5 minutes in the next week or even right NOW?

Do you want to help donate £1000 a month to help orphans and vulnerable children, in countries of high poverty, realise their potential for less than the cost of one pint per month?

Are you FABULOUS and want that to be officially confirmed on a unique badge that we send you after you join?

If the answer is yes, yes, yes and oh yes then click here to go to our instructions page on how to set up a Charity Checkout account and set up a regular donation and then become OFFICIALLY FABULOUS. We use Charity Checkout because we can claim Gift Aid through them.

A bit more about the FAB500 below…

We are looking for 500 amazingly generous and noble individuals to donate AT LEAST £2 each a month to support our valuable work teaching performance skills to orphans and vulnerable children in India, Nicaragua and Kenya. Yay!

Please help our campaign to recruit 500 small monthly donors by following the links below and telling your friends about us. Go on, feel good for helping to donate £1000 a month to a worthy cause!

Want to be EXTRA-FABULOUS? of course you do…

If you can get 5 friends to join or donate £5 a month or more, you can become officially extra-fabulous. We will send you a little surprise in the post to confirm this is official.

EARN YOURSELF A RARE FAB500 T-SHIRT – If you get 10 people to join for a year or donate £10 or more a month for a year, we will give you a special FAB500 “I am Officially Fabulous” T-shirt. Make sure your friends let us know you got them to join up and we’ll send you a lovely and rare T-Shirt to confirm that you are extra-fabulous.

KEEP UP TO DATE – If you select to get e-mails from us when signing up, we will keep you up to date with the progress of the campaign. We promise not to send more than about one e-mail a month.


CLICK here to Set up a regular donation and be one of the FAB 500.

For help click here or for any further questions about FAB500 specifically please contact Pete at the e-mail here.