Bristol Hoop Jam Virtual Raffle T&Cs


The virtual raffle will be run online via donations to our Charity Checkout page. All entries must be paid through Charity Checkout by following this link – here.  If you want to make a one off donation/raffle entry, please select the “single donation” option on this page. If you want join the FAB500 and become “officially” fabulous and gain bonus virtual raffle entries (see below) then select the monthly donation button or the “I’d like to see other options” button on this page.

The raffle will run from midday on the 18th Sept 2017 until midnight on 9th Oct 2017. All entries must be made between these dates via our Charity Checkout partner website which generates a time stamped record of your donation with your email address. This email address will be the details we use to contact you with. All entries cost £2 and you can make as many entries as you like and can lump them together in a single larger donation (ie. you don’t need to make multiple £2 donations, you can just do a larger one of £10 for example). Odd number donations will be rounded down. So if you donate £8 this will be treated as 4 entries. If you donate £7 this will be counted as 3 entries. Entries of less than £2 will be disregarded. You can still make multiple donations if you, for example, decide to buy more tickets later. These will be counted as normal.


JOIN THE FAB500 THIS MONTH for bonus entries

If you join the FAB500 within this time frame by setting up a regular donation of £2 a month, your entry will count as two entries. If you set up a regular donation of more, then that will also count double and be treated as multiple £2 entries as described above. You must remain a member of the FAB500 for a minimum of 12 months afterwards to retain your prizes if won in this way*. So if you set up a monthly direct debit for £5 between midday on 18/9/17 and midday 9/10/17 you will be taken to have made the equivalent of a £10 donation for the purposes of the raffle and you will be allocated 5 entries into the virtual raffle. You can only set up one regular donation for this raffle.



If you are already a member of the FAB500 then you only need to make an entry of £2 minimum for your normal monthly donation to count as an automatic entry. You are of course free to donate more. So if you donate £10 as a one off donation and already have a £5 FAB500 regular monthly payment set up, you will be taken as having given £15 for the purposes of the raffle and taken as having 7 entries into the virtual raffle. If you do not make any extra one off donations this month you will receive no entries.



Entries will be taken from our online record at Charity Checkout and allocated a single number per entry just like a normal raffle ticket. The winners will be drawn using a random number generator with 2 witnesses present. Prizes will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and you will be notified by email soon after the deadline date of the order in which you can choose from 6 other winners. We will then go through the list in turn asking each winner which prize they want of the remaining prizes. If you do not reply to that email asking you which prize you want within 72 hours (3 days) or you do not want any of the remaining prizes, another winner will be allocated as the 6th place and existing winners will all move up one place. If you win you will have to wait for those in the order above you to choose to be able to choose from the remaining prizes – please be patient as this could take over  2 weeks to get to you if you are the 6th place winner. You will then be notified when it is your turn to choose and you have 3 days to reply. Only one prize will be allocated per person, Repeat winners will be disregarded and redrawn.


PWB reserves the right to modify/add to the T&Cs without notice and our decision is final.

This virtual raffle is conducted under small lotteries licence number: SC/220517


* If your regular payment is cancelled before 12 months we reserve the right to ask for what we estimate is the equivalent cash value of the prize to be donated to PWB. If you just want to cancel the regular payment and not reimburse the prize value you can donate the equivalent of what ever would make up a 12 month regular donation instead.