Bristol Hoop Jam

become official supporters of PWB

PWB are pleased to announce that Bristol Hoop Jam (BHJ) have agreed to be official Sponsors of PWB.

As a hooping and circus skills collective that meet regularly in Bristol, BHJ have committed to being UBA-FABULOUS and donating £10 a month to the FAB500. You can become “officially” FABULOUS too by donating £2 or more a month and joining the FAB500. But you only become uba-Fabulous if you donate £10 or more a month.


VIRTUAL RAFFLE – results to be announced soon.

Performers Without Borders would like to take this opportunity to thank BHJ for their generous donation and their continued support. We look forward to working with them in the future.

If you would like to be a Major Donor, Patron or Sponsor of PWB please contact: