We are very proud of our achievements since our first project in 2007:

– 9 tours of India

– 5 tours of Nicaragua

– 2 tours of Kenya

– 1 tour of Sierra Leone

– 1 mini tour of Central Asia

– 1 mini tour of East Turkey

– More than 32 month-long projects – involving over 5000 children

– Hundreds of interactive circus workshops – involving over 7000 children

– Over 200 public performance reaching thousands of people in many different communities

You can read more about how we measure our impact in the PWB Nicaragua 2013 evaluation (pdf).

“[The PWB team] were perfect. It seems they knew this kind of children since years. The problems the children have. There is a girl who is always very shy and at the beginning she didn’t want to do anything, but on the day of the show she was there with everyone and enjoying and smiling. George who is always very angry with everyone, but he was smiling.”

Zelinda, Los Quinchos, San Marcos (through an interpreter)